Clifford's Big Surprise/Ears Have It

Clifford�s Big Idea: Help Others; Clifford and Cleo are all excited about the town�s upcoming celebration complete with a parade and fireworks! But they notice that T Bone isn�t quite as enthusiastic and soon learn that he is scared of the loud noises of all the festivities. T Bone learns that the support of good friends can help you manage feelings of fear. Clifford�s Big Idea: Be A Good Friend; Everyone is too busy to play with Clifford,...
October 19, 2018 10:00 am on IPTV.2 | Episode #116 | 29 minutes | Visit Website

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Series Overview

Based on the popular Scholastic book series by Norman Bridwell about the lovable oversized canine with his head in the clouds but four paws planted firmly on the ground, Clifford presents a larger than life view of the world. With his loving human, Emily Elizabeth, and dog pals, Cleo and T Bone, Clifford inhabits a colorful island community, inviting viewers on a fun filled journey through childhood, navigating the dips and curves along the way. CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG emphasizes good citizenship and the importance of community. Each episode concludes with a component of Clifford's Big Ideas 10 different attributes children learn to embrace which leaves them with something to think about and practice in their lives.