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Hotel Blackhawk, Davenport, Iowa

In the fall of 2011, the New York Times named this hotel one of its 150 "weekend destinations".  It's the restored Hotel Blackhawk in downtown Davenport.

In the fall of 2011 The New York Times named this hotel one of its 150 weekend destinations.  It is the restored Hotel Blackhawk in Davenport. 

 Employee:  There you go Mr. Kaercher. 

 Kaercher: Thank you. 

 Employee:  You are welcome.  Have a great stay. 

 Kaercher:  Oh wow.  Look at that stained glass.

 Heim:  You know a lot of people do.  They look up when they come in and they notice the skylight because that was original that was covered for decades.  So that has all been redone. 

 Kaercher: The Hotel Blackhawk opened in 1915 and by the mid to late 90s had seen better days.  But thanks to more than 35 million dollar two year renovation by a St. Louis company, the hotel has been restored to its glory days. 

 Heim:  Pretty much on the first and the second floor here in the lobby this has all been restored back.  This is a historical significance of the property.  For example the marble flooring here in the lobby is all original.  The arches have been restored.  The lighting, in particular, was actually replicated from original 19 circa photos.  We also have the Gold Room which is our main ballroom.  That room features over 5000 square feet of meeting space and that room went through a 3.8 million dollar restoration just to put that one back. 

 Kaercher: For smaller groups there are smaller rooms.  Each just as classy in its own way.  On the eleventh floor is Club Davenport with views of downtown and the Mississippi River.  In the hotel's lower level is a fun and quirky looking bowling alley and bar with food service?  There is also a first floor restaurant where the pork chop has become a signature dish. 

 Fredenburg:  The pork chop, you know has become a signature dish definitely since the president came and ate that as an entree.  They ordered three more up to the room for him and the secret service guys to enjoy all together.  And it is sweet barbeque demi-glace on there. 

 Kaercher: The White House actually requested the recipe for its menu.  The Hotel Blackhawk isn't a new find for The White House.  We were told six presidents have stayed here dating back to at least the 1930s.  Another bit of history lies adjacent to the bar in the lobby.  It is a restored piano that I am told was played by jazz musician and Davenport native Bix Beiderbecke. 

 Heim:  The piano actually was in the Hotel Blackhawk and it was a piano that was used by many celebrities and Bix himself that played on it.  A couple actually had it here in the Quad City area and they were getting ready to move.  So they gifted it to us in October. 

 Kaercher: Well, I have explored the hotel's history, its architecture, and its food.  I wonder what the rooms are like. 

 Heim:  This is one of ten extended stay rooms that we have here in the hotel.  These rooms are very, very unique.  They feature full kitchens with dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves.  We also have stackable washer and dryers.  This is actually a two bedroom unit and then we have some that are one bedroom units too as well.  All of our guest bathrooms in all of our rooms have flat screen LCD TVs built into the guest bathroom mirrors.  So you are able to watch your sports, your soaps.  If you want to watch the news you can take a bath.  But this is one of the nice amenities features that we have here at the Hotel Blackhawk.  This is a premium room.  It is a premium king actually.  We call it premium because it is up on a higher floor.  It has got great river views of the downtown area.  This room features obviously flat screen LCDs TVs.  We have mini-bars in every guest room too as well.  It has two bathrobes.  It has got a nice little workout area off to the right.  Lights for your desk.  All of these rooms feature the chase lounges that you see here. 

 Kaercher: The rooms are very inviting.  But so is the third floor pool with access to an outdoor area.  I love all the modern amenities with this bit of Davenport history.  It is no wonder the Hotel Blackhawk has become a top Quad Cities destination in its own right.

 Heim:  We just want people to know that it is a beautiful place.  It is very friendly.  We just want them to come experience and just have a great feeling when they leave.


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