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Video: Wired Science

Wired Science

PBS' newest weekly series, WIRED SCIENCE, translates Wired magazine s award-winning journalism into a fast-paced television show. WIRED SCIENCE brings Wired magazine's cutting-edge vision, stylish design and irreverent attitude to the screen with breakout ideas, recent discoveries and the latest innovations. The first season's 10 episodes will explore the complex research that defines 21st-century culture and innovation and will introduce viewers to the people making it happen.


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  • WIRED SCIENCE | Where's My Rocketbelt? | PBS

    Rocketbelts went from being a grand military ambition to a classic James Bond moment, to part of a future that never materialized. WIRED SCIENCE travels to the first International Rocketbelt... 02:29

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Laser Archeology | PBS

    Ben Kaycra grew up playing on ancient Mesopotamian ruins in his native Iraq. As an adult, he became a civil engineer and developed lasers that can scan buildings and translate them into... 02:45

  • WIRED SCIENCE | The Business of Disease | PBS

    Who decides when a disease or syndrome gets a name, a drug and its very own TV commercial? Host Ziya Tong takes a look at Restless Leg Syndrome, one of the newest diseases to hit the big... 03:43

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Satellite Shopping | PBS

    It's been 50 years since the first satellite, Sputnik, was launched into orbit. Now, communication satellites are used in everything from radio and television to Internet connections. Special... 04:02

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Stressed Out | PBS

    With normal wear and tear, bridges and aircraft have their mettle tested constantly. Fortunately, inspectors monitor these stressed out bodies to avoid catastrophic failures like the Minneapolis... 03:24

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Peak Water | PBS

    Peak oil is the idea that the earth's oil resources are coming to a close. But it's not just oil that is disappearing, the earth's fresh water supplies are dwindling and H2O is disappearing as an... 03:43

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Audio Files | PBS

    Magnetic tape and vinyl grooves almost died with the digital era. But in a world where, iPods and MP3s rule, some audio aficionados never gave up LPs, record needles, and cassettes. Did digital... 03:06


    Thirty-five years after NASA left the surface of the moon; we are trying to get back to the earth's only natural satellite. This time around, it may be private entrepreneurs, not NASA, who will... 02:22

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Blood Simple | PBS

    From its unique core molecule, hemoglobin, to the attached proteins that designate types A, B, AB and O, blood has resisted our best efforts to master and commodify it. Yet, recent tests of a milky... 02:35

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Ziya Goes to NextFest | PBS

    Each year, WIRED magazine gathers science and technological inventors and innovators on one humungous floor to bring some of their best ideas about the future to public. The place is NextFest,... 02:36

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Virtual Paleontology | PBS

    Using imaging technologies like CT scans, paleontologists are moving from the pit to the radiology lab, peering into those fossils, and into the past. Watch what the tools of modern science have... 02:17

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Body Builders | PBS

    Dr. Anthony Atala of Wake Forest University is building organs in his lab. Last year he publicized his success of growing bladders -- the first actual living human organs created in a lab and grown... 03:05

  • WIRED SCIENCE | What's Inside Your Dog? | PBS

    Host Chris Hardwick takes a look at the chemical guts of household products and finds you're never more than two steps away from something gross. To see the full segment, visit... 03:42

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Experiment Cave | PBS

    We head to two underground labs that are hunting down neutrinos, the most elusive particles in the universe, in hopes of answering some of humankind's most fundamental questions. We'll find out... 02:09

  • WIRED SCIENCE | What's Inside Your Garden? | PBS

    Host Chris Hardwick takes a look at the chemical guts of household products and finds you're never more than two steps away from something gross. To see the full segment, visit... 03:06

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Got Clones? | PBS

    We visit with a rancher and dairy farmer who are ready to bring their cloned animal meat and milk to the public and talk to some scientists about what being a clone really means. To see the full... 02:06

  • WIRED SCIENCE | What's Inside with Chris Hardwick | PBS

    Chris Hardwick takes a look at the chemical guts of one of America's favorite dessert toppings. Tune in to WIRED SCIENCE on your local PBS station (check local listings). For more information,... 02:29

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Displaying 21 to 37 of 37 results.

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