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Video: The Future of News

The Future of News

Today, traditional print and broadcast outlets struggle to transform and conform to a drastically changing economic and media landscape. In this new world, where can Americans turn for context, background and sense-making? THE FUTURE OF NEWS provides a "user's guide" to News 2.0. Hosted by famed journalist Frank Sesno (Planet Forward), the series features a lively, informative and civil dialogue between traditional media and new media on a range of topics - from international reporting to the accelerated news cycle. Guests include: NBC News' Ann Curry, ABC News' Sam Donaldson, White House chief technology officer Aneesh Chopra, investigative reporter Bob Woodward, Tina Brown, founder and editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast, and veteran journalist Dan Rather.


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  • The Future of News | Promo | PBS

    Full Program: "The Future of News" is a groundbreaking 10-part series for public television where the best minds in traditional and new media meet to discuss the role of a free press in an ever-changing digital... 01:41

  • The Future of News: What's the Future of TV News? | PBS

    Full Program: What does the future hold for the news media? Guest John King of CNN and Steve Grove of YouTube describe the new hybrid models of interactive news that combine the platforms of both television... 26:46

  • The Future of News: Non-Stop News | PBS

    Full Program: The 24-hour news cycle and the speed in which news is delivered have impacted the digital news world. Guests Chris Matthews of MSNBC and Jan Schaffer of J-Lab discuss the ramifications of non-stop... 26:46

  • The Future of News: Digital Democracy | PBS

    Full Program: Who will control the channels of news and information on the Internet? Guests Aneesh Chopra, chief technology officer, and Ellen Miller, co-founder of the Sunlight Foundation, discuss privacy, net... 26:46

  • The Future of News: Investigative Journalism | PBS

    Full Program: As newsrooms around the country downsize, investigative reporting is facing a crisis. The Washington Post's Bob Woodward and Bill Buzenberg of the Center for Public Policy, take a close look at what... 26:46

  • The Future of News: Print News | PBS

    Full Program: Is the Internet and social networking killing print news? Daily Beast founder Tina Brown and Ken Paulson, president of the Newseum, discuss the death of the advertising model that has supported... 26:47

  • The Future of News: News and the Public Trust | PBS

    Full Program: With blogs and citizen journalism, is news as a public trust still viable? Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather and Farai Chideya, former host of NPR's "News and Notes," examine media bias and the... 26:46

  • The Future of News: The Role of Citizen Journalists | PBS

    Full Program: Rapidly changing technology and the Internet have redefined who is a journalist. Guests Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune and Jay Rosen, professor of journalism at New York University, examine... 26:46

  • The Future of News: The Impact of Technology | PBS

    Full Program: The intersection of technology and media has changed the way news is produced, consumed and shared in today's digital world. Guests Malt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal and Mara Schiavocampo... 26:47

  • The Future of News: Political Reporting | PBS

    Full Program: The Internet has accelerated the news cycle and changed political reporting. Guests Sam Donaldson and Jim VandeHei explain how the medium, along with talk radio, partisan Web sites and cable TV... 26:47

  • The Future of News: Global News | PBS

    Full Program: How have the Internet, social networking and citizen journalism impacted international reporting? Guests Ann Curry of NBC News and Charles Sennott of GlobalPost discuss the changing media... 26:47

Displaying 1 to 11 of 11 results.

Show: All Video | Full Programs Only