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  • Gwen Ifill: Politics, Policy and Reality of Leadership (#219)

    Full Program: Public Television's Gwen Ifill is the spring 2011 Mary Louise Smith Chair in Women and Politics in Ames, Iowa. Ifill presented a lecture titled, "Politics, Policy and Reality of Leadership." 28:13

  • Healthy Minutes: Eating Together

    Full Program: Between school, work, sports, homework, bedtime, and everything else that happens in your family’s busy day, you should try sitting down and eating healthy together as often as you can. 01:00

  • Healthy Minutes: Gardening Fun

    Full Program: All the fruits and vegetables you can buy in the store come from a farm or a garden. 01:00

  • Healthy Minutes: Eating Vegetables

    Full Program: Kids love eating vegetables? Dan Wardell checks out a local cafeteria to make sure that this fantastic story is true and that students really do love eating vegetables. 01:00

  • A Dream Fulfilled: The Saga of George Washington Carver

    Full Program: This children's opera traces the life and career of George Washington Carver from Winterset and Indianola, Iowa, to the halls of Congress to the prestigious Tuskegee Institute. 57:46

  • The Coming Heritage (#115)

    Full Program: The way Iowans related to their environment in the past and how they will relate to it in the future creates the Iowa heritage. This program explores change through Iowa's history. 27:04

  • Iowa Impressions (#114)

    Full Program: This program examines the art and lives of five people who expressed their Iowa heritage in their own unique style. 29:32

  • Roots in the Soil (#112)

    Full Program: Each advancement in farming technology brought increased yields to Iowa farmers, but it has always been farmers' love and respect for the land that make them Iowa's unsung heroes. 28:12

  • Iowa's Industrial Roots (#111)

    Full Program: Iowa did have other industries besides farming--among them coal mining, lumbering and milling. 28:51

  • Main Street (#110)

    Full Program: For years the main street of Iowa's small towns was the center of trade and entertainment for town residents and surrounding farmers. But after the turn of the century, things began to change. 28:44

  • The Iowa Country School (#109)

    Full Program: The program presents the development of Iowa's early educational system. 26:55

  • Three Communities of Belief (#108)

    Full Program: The Icarians, the Community of True Inspiration and the Old Order Amish came to Iowa in the 1800s because it offered them isolation. But as the state developed, all but one of the communities were... 29:45

  • Come to Iowa (#107)

    Full Program: In the 1800s many Europeans came to Iowa in search of a new and better life, bringing with them their own unique heritage which, in some communities, still survives. 29:38

  • From Here to There (#106)

    Full Program: From the "modern" times of the early 1900s, viewers travel back to the days when steamboats navigated the Mississippi, steam trains crisscrossed the state and stagecoaches bumped along Iowa's dusty... 29:49

  • Iowa and the Civil War (#105)

    Full Program: For years Iowans had provided an escape route for African Americans fleeing slavery. When war broke out, 10,000 Iowa sons volunteered to fight to preserve the Union. 28:38

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Displaying 46 to 60 of 111 results.