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  • David Young (#4302)

    Full Program: On this edition of Iowa Press, first-term Republican Congressman David Young (R-Van Meter) joins us to discuss his first eight months in office representing Iowa’s 3rd District and the important... 28:45

  • Young: Rule of law should mean something (#4302)

    Rep. David Young (R-Van Meter) says he's sympathetic with the viewpoint of a Kentucky county clerk who refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses, despite a Supreme Court ruling. Young says the... 02:41

  • Young to vote no on Iran deal (#4302)

    Rep. David Young (R-Van Meter) says he has been skeptical of the Iran deal from the beginning, and he will not vote in favor of it. He says 24 days is a long time for Iran to move around and hide... 02:13

  • Young says he hopes to avoid gov't shutdown (#4302)

    There are big budget debates looming in Congress in the coming days. Rep. David Young (R-Van Meter) says he thinks Congress will have to pass continuing resolutions, but he says he's hopeful a... 01:21

  • Sanders on minimum wage and class warfare (#4301)

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) says if someone works 40 hours a week, they should not be living in poverty. As a result, he says the federal minimum wage needs to be raised over several years to a... 02:21

  • Sanders on Iran deal: "You give peace a chance" (#4301)

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) says he thinks President Obama is doing what he can to make sure Iran does not get a nuclear weapon but doing so without another war. Sanders says many people don't... 01:27

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (#4301)

    Full Program: This week, we kick off a new season of Iowa Press with Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I - Vermont), who joins us to discuss his recent rise in the polls and what’s... 28:54

  • Sanders says he'd renegotiate trade agreements (#4301)

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) says most U.S. trade agreements were written by corporate America and Wall Street interests. He says American workers should not have to compete against workers in... 01:45

  • Reporters' Roundtable (#4246)

    Full Program: On this edition of Iowa Press, we convene a panel of political reporters for a post-State Fair roundtable discussion about the Iowa Caucus presidential campaigns, as well as local political... 28:46

  • Rick Santorum (#4245)

    Full Program: On this edition of Iowa Press, former Senator Rick Santorum (R – Pennsylvania) discusses his pursuit of the republican presidential nomination and his quest to repeat his 2012 Iowa caucus victory. ... 28:48

  • Santorum says he'd close U.S. embassy in Cuba (#4245)

    Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania), the 2012 Iowa Caucus winner, says the just-opened U.S. embassy in Cuba would close under a Santorum administration. He says diplomatic relations are a... 02:21

  • Santorum on governing, keeping promises (#4245)

    Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania), the 2012 Iowa Caucus winner, says voters accept that politicians can't get everything done that they want once they're elected, but voters get extremely... 01:06

  • Santorum says he'd support revolution in Iran (#4245)

    Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania), the 2012 Iowa Caucus winner, says he doesn't like the proposed Iran deal and would demand more from Iran or else he would reintroduce tough sanctions.... 02:00

  • Representative Steve King (#4244)

    Full Program: On this edition of Iowa Press, Representative Steve King (R – Kiron) joins us for a congressional update during the annual August recess and to discuss the 2016 Iowa Caucus campaign. Joining... 28:49

  • King proposes electing Supreme Court justices (#4244)

    Rep. Steve King (R-Kiron) says lifetime appointments for Supreme Court justices are coming into question after recent controversial rulings on Obamacare and same-sex marriage. He says he's working... 03:08

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Displaying 1 to 15 of 679 results.

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