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  • WIRED SCIENCE Student Video Contest | PBS

    So you think you can take an ordinary science idea and turn it into an extraordinary online video? Well, here's your chance to prove it. WIRED SCIENCE wants high school students to share their... 00:59

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Perfect Water | PBS

    Hollywood film studios have been using computers to create special effects for years. But to make computer-generated water look real on the big screen, you have to understand some pretty complicated... 00:43

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Luis von Ahn: Human Computation | PBS

    Computer scientist Luis von Ahn is best known for inventing those twisted, blurry words that websites ask you to type to post a comment or send an email. Host Ziya Tong talks to the genius award... 07:02

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Icy Depths | PBS (#110)

    A Woods Hole expedition sails to the Arctic Ocean to test autonomous undersea vehicles (AUVs). These underwater robots are used to explore the frigid waters below the ice cap to discover new life... 01:42

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Space Junkyard | PBS (#109)

    Ever wonder where spaceships go to die? Special correspondent Adam Rogers visits a Southern California scrapyard to the find the place where the remnants of the Apollo missions were laid to rest.... 01:18

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Deep Brain Stimulation | PBS

    You've heard of a pacemaker for the heart, but what about for the head? We'll go under the knife with a Cardington, Ohio farmer who's getting electrodes implanted in his brain to alleviate the... 02:29

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Where's My Rocketbelt? | PBS

    Rocketbelts went from being a grand military ambition to a classic James Bond moment, to part of a future that never materialized. WIRED SCIENCE travels to the first International Rocketbelt... 02:29

  • WIRED SCIENCE | The Business of Disease | PBS

    Who decides when a disease or syndrome gets a name, a drug and its very own TV commercial? Host Ziya Tong takes a look at Restless Leg Syndrome, one of the newest diseases to hit the big... 03:43

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Satellite Shopping | PBS

    It's been 50 years since the first satellite, Sputnik, was launched into orbit. Now, communication satellites are used in everything from radio and television to Internet connections. Special... 04:02

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Peak Water | PBS

    Peak oil is the idea that the earth's oil resources are coming to a close. But it's not just oil that is disappearing, the earth's fresh water supplies are dwindling and H2O is disappearing as an... 03:43

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Audio Files | PBS

    Magnetic tape and vinyl grooves almost died with the digital era. But in a world where, iPods and MP3s rule, some audio aficionados never gave up LPs, record needles, and cassettes. Did digital... 03:06


    Thirty-five years after NASA left the surface of the moon; we are trying to get back to the earth's only natural satellite. This time around, it may be private entrepreneurs, not NASA, who will... 02:22

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Blood Simple | PBS

    From its unique core molecule, hemoglobin, to the attached proteins that designate types A, B, AB and O, blood has resisted our best efforts to master and commodify it. Yet, recent tests of a milky... 02:35

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Ziya Goes to NextFest | PBS

    Each year, WIRED magazine gathers science and technological inventors and innovators on one humungous floor to bring some of their best ideas about the future to public. The place is NextFest,... 02:36

  • WIRED SCIENCE | Virtual Paleontology | PBS

    Using imaging technologies like CT scans, paleontologists are moving from the pit to the radiology lab, peering into those fossils, and into the past. Watch what the tools of modern science have... 02:17

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Displaying 1 to 15 of 19 results.

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    PBS' newest weekly series, WIRED SCIENCE, translates Wired magazine s award-winning journalism into a fast-paced television show. WIRED SCIENCE brings Wired magazine's cutting-edge vision, stylish design and irreverent attitude to the...

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