Best of Living in Iowa 123

May 4, 2019  | 28 min  | 123

In this episode of the Best of Living in Iowa, we'll talk with artist and activist Eva Leo, who emigrated to the United States from Nazi Germany just before the start of World War II. We'll visit Iowa's L'Arche community and see how it does more than just help those with disabilities. And explore the work of Marjorie Mills Vandervelde, who has made contact with primitive cultures around the globe.



For 16 seasons, Living in Iowa was an omnibus television series that illustrated what it meant to be "uniquely Iowan." Through compelling human interest stories, it provided snapshots of Iowans representing every walk of life. As part of its 50th anniversary, Iowa Public Television will revisit this popular series through The Best of Living in Iowa, a weekly program that features stories gathered from the archives of the original series. From this rich treasure trove of stories, viewers will relive moments from the past and be reminded of Iowa's unique heritage.