Henry A. Wallace
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Using Technology (PDFs)
Using video in the classroom: Tips for creating the appropriate environment for viewing video.
Using the Web in the classroom: Suggestions for making the most of the Internet in the classroom.
Using DVDs in the classroom: Tips for leveraging this exciting and versatile technology in the classroom

Educational Standards
Standards addressed (PDF) in the Wallace DVD.

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The Henry A. Wallace DVD in the Classroom

"Henry A. Wallace" provides educators with rich content to spark students' interest in people and events spanning the first half of the 20 th century. In addition to the feature documentary, the DVD and companion Web site provide a variety of educational resources including standards connections, student activities, teacher guides and much more!

Henry A. Wallace Program Script

DVDquest -- History on Tour! (HOT!)

The DVDquest is an inquiry-based activity that appoints students as interns for the fictitious American Century Museum (ACM). Students are placed in a scenario, posed a challenge and provided tips to help them on their quest.

DVDquest Student Guide: (PDF) Resources to aid students as they progress through the DVDquest.

DVDquest Teacher Guide: (PDF) Resources to aid teachers in guiding students through the DVDquest.

DVDquest Assessment: (PDF) A rubric to guide teachers in assessing students' projects.

Related Web Sites

This feature suggests links to sites offering further insight into the people and events of the era.

Web Sites for Students:This list of annotated Web sites is categorized by subjects.

Web Sites for Teachers: This annotated list of sites offers teachers additional resources to help them steer students through the maze of content related to the era.

General Interest Web Sites: Learn more about Wallace's scientific and political career.

Discussion Questions & Activities

This guide (PDF), organized by topic, addresses the Henry A. Wallace project learning goals through provocative discussion questions and compelling activities. Use all, or just a few, of the media clips on the disc to motivate students to think historically and draw conclusions.

Additional Resources

Additional resources to aid students in gaining an understanding of the Wallace era.

Cartoons by Ding Darling

Progressive Party Platform, 1948 (PDF)

Wallace's Third Party Candidacy Speech (PDF)

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